Citizen Centric

Ep 06 - The Future of Work with Kati Barklund

Episode Summary

The way we work is undergoing major change and Kati Barklund is an excellent person to help us understand the future of work - or workplace strategy as she refers to it. Over the course of her career she has spent time working in all of the relevant areas. She has specialized in the physical during her time working in service and operations development at Coor, she specialized in the digital during her time working in Microsoft and now she works on Workplace Leadership and Culture at Tenant and Partner. It was when she was managing innovation projects that she discovered that Physical workplace, Digital workplace and the Psycho-social workplace (Leadership & Culture) are all intertwined and that all of them need to be considered if we are to create great workplace experiences. In our conversation we talk about: - Why it shouldn’t be called the future of work as all of the components are already here - How recent changes have resulted in a demand for more meaningful work - Why the workplace is mainly about engagement and empowerment - How the expectations are different for the range of generations in the workplace - How workplace can be a strategic tool - Why, despite all the technology that exists, we still need to meet face to face More about Tenant and Partner here