Citizen Centric

Ep 08 - User Experience in the Workplace with Elisa Rönkä

Episode Summary

Episode 8 of the Citizen Centric podcast is now out! Workplace is still on the agenda as the latest workplace trends can really help us to understand more about user experience in a city. Elisa Rönkä from Siemens is a perfect person to talk to about this subject. She specializes in end user apps, IoT and emerging technology but she isn’t a fan of technology for technology’s sake. Her role is to look past that shiny new piece of technology and ask “but what does this do for me as a user, employee or citizen?” We talk about: - why the era of accepting friction in our daily life is over - how Elisa’s varied work history makes her the perfect person to question the experience delivered by new technology - why the best innovation occurs when people collaborate voluntarily and why that doesn’t normally happen in meeting rooms - why workplaces are a good place to study when aiming to understand user experience as employers are trying to keep up with apps like uber or justeat - why technology needs to delight us and not just function More about Siemens